About the Academy Webinar F.A.Q.


A 90 minute session to discover...

  • community essentials: people, chemistry and purpose
  • how to gain initial traction
  • onboard new members and grow organically
  • the roles of a community manager
  • engaging in co-creation
  • the best tools and practices for building your platform
  • and much, much more..

The Panel

Noemi Salantiu

Noemi is the one of the founders of Edgeryders and a community director since its inception. Community builder enthusiast, she specialises in network weaving & content curation.

John Coate

John is a pioneer of community building, starting at The Farm before going on to work at The Well, the “most influential online community” in the early days of the internet. Today John is an Edgeryders board member and spokesperson for independent communities online.

Hugi Asgeirsson

Hugi is a project manager at Edgeryders and one of the leaders of The Borderland, a Nordic participatory event with a strong online-offline community working together to create a life-changing festival.

Live Venues

Dare Space is a coworking space and innovation hub in Rabat where initiatives emerge and opportunities are created in the spirit of collaboration. Its goal is to support the development of high impact social and economic projects in Morocco.

Find out more at mcise.org

OurGhema is a mixture of a co-working and cultural space in Medenine, Tunisia. The latter provides the tools, workshops and environment for anyone to learn about entrepreneurship, art and culture.

Find out more at ourghema.com

An Edgeryders event, in partnership with MCISE and OurGhema. © 2018 Edgeryders